4 Steps To A Successful Event

September 8, 2016 Frank 0 Comments

A successful event may seem like it’s commonly executed but in fact, a well-orchestrated event is rarely seen from vision to reality but fear not as we have 4 primary steps to follow as you plan your next event.

  1. Plan

So much importance in only four letters, to plan is to survive in the event curation galaxy and no vision can be seen without the proper planning. This should include a clear budget, detailed timeline for what will happen during the event, obvious instruction for participants/staff/DJ/etc. and don’t forget to save the least amount of responsibilities for the day of the event just in case anything goes wrong.

2. Partner(s)

Everyone’s initial goal for an event partnership is a solid sponsorship, not saying you shouldn’t strive for one, but you should think about your fundamental partners first. These fundamental partners should include a curated selection of people who are contributing some sort of effort into your event that most likely will benefit them as well. Some examples are a DJ or live painter for your event who possibly already have a decent following and can contribute some attention and attendees to the roster, but choose wisely as not all partners share the same desired attendee. Another fundamental partner choice could be a curator or brand to assist in executing the event because we all know how hard things can be when you’re alone in space. Additionally, this curator or brand can split the financial risks with you so they can have their personal financial gains, help ain’t free.

3. Promote

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it really fall? I’m sure you’re tired of hearing that but we live by that here at Open Space as we’ve witnessed dozens of solid events with amazing work on display but unfortunately without the crowd to match. How does this happen you ask? Easy, curators put promotion last when they should be putting it first. A solid promotional campaign (Speak to your nearest graphic designer at @CRTVUE if ya need one!) could make or break your event, BOTTOM LINE. The event flyer, for instance, is the first impression anybody will have of your event. You may see a clear vision for your event but the majority of people will only see the flyer until the day of so choose an art direction that appropriately represents your event as well as hints to what will be happening so they will know what’s in store. Additional physical and promotional items are always great to have but as we started writing we realized this deserved it’s own post so when you’re ready, read Event Essentials for promotional talk & tools.

4. Publish

You think that since the party’s over the party’s over? We think not. The end of the physical event is just the beginning of the physical event, recap. Whether it be live coverage via Periscope or booking a photographer to capture high quality photos, a recap should be another huge priority. Realistically, most people won’t be able to make it to your event due to distance so posting something for those who were & weren’t there is the key to connecting everyone. Save/show the good memories so your audience builds trust in your capacity to curate so you won’t have to do as much promotion for your next one.


Ok: Plan, Partner(s), Promote & Publish. Don’t forget to keep these steps close when you’re putting together your next event and if you have any questions feel free to find us on Twitter @OpenSpacePHL and mention us with ANY curiosities or concerns, Peace!