Event Essentials

September 8, 2016 Frank 0 Comments

People, food, drinks & music. That’s it right? Of course not. Below are a few key  promotional tools to keep your event organized and energized.

  1. Event Branding


Before anything, paint a picture for yourself; what will the event feel like? Seem like an odd question? Might be but this is what attendees think about subconsciously when considering going to your event. They consider whether or not your event is even worth going to and the only determinator of this (unless you can see the future) is by what your promotional campaign is branded as. Communicate with your graphic designer in detail so they can design either a fun, grunge, environmental or whatever theme applies to your event so your audience can easily understand why type of event it will be and what it entails.

2. RSVP Platform

A proper RSVP platform is crucial for you to collect the contact information of your audience so they can receive email updates and you can add their information to your personal roster for future use. RSVP’s also give you some sort of scope of the attendance amount as well as specific data such as age, instagram handle, etc. Splash that and Eventbrite are the top two platforms for this. Eventbrite is most user-friendly and is best for the events with smaller budgets and wants to get straight to the point. Splashthat is another RSVP platform (personal favorite) and focuses on the visual experience. The Splashthat page can be customized to keep visually consistent with your event branding so you can keep in mind about the importance of consistency as well. When the event is over you can also look over the specific statistics about the event such as how many people RSVP’d, when they RSVP’d, their submitted contact information and the amount of page views your Splashthat received throughout the promotional campaign.

3. Promotional Content/Giveaways

Ahhh the most expensive yet most exciting part of any promotional campaign is the content you create to engage with your audience to attract more attendees. What could this be? Almost anything, as long as it encourages people to engage with your content in order to promote your event with you to their audience. For example, a ticket giveaway via Instagram that urges viewers to repost the event flyer is a great tactic for content. Merchandise such as hats and tees can also increase your level of engagement extremely. The bottom line is that there really is no limit on what you can giveaway or what content you can create as long as you utilize it to promote your brand/event.